Metal materials engineering


       Metal materials engineering subject is a First-class professional construction site and  characteristic specialty for Jiangsu Province, and a brand profession for Jiangsu University of Science and Technology. Owning National Demonstration Center for Experimental Materials Science and Engineering Education. The aim of this subject is to train applied senior specialized talents, who are provided with knowledge of metal materials science and engineering with practical ability and innovation spirit. Who can work on research and analysis of material structure, metal material preparation, metal material forming, metal material corrosion mechanism, corrosion protection methods and applications, electrochemical corrosion, and other fields, and engaged in scientific research, technology development, technology and equipment design, production and management work.

The graduates have a solid foundation of natural science, good humanities, arts and social science foundation and quality. Can master the basic theory and professional knowledge of metal materials engineering, with the skill of programming, analysis, Experiment, monitoring and control, document retrieval and basic process operations for metal materials engineering subject. And this subject with high one-time employment rate. The graduates can be engaged in product development and research work on metal materials and new materials, corrosion mechanism and protection technology. And also can be engaged in engineering technology and management work on material preparation, material selection and application, material quality and performance testing, corrosion protection mechanism, fuel cell, engineering material corrosion methods and application of coating process, coating production and coating process.

The main courses: Fundamentals of Material Science, Principles of Heating Processing, Heat Treatment Process and Equipment, Metal Material Science, Material Corrosion and Protection, Modern Analysis Methods in Materials, Fundamentals of Materials Engineering, Physical Properties of Materials, Mechanical Properties of Materials, Physical and Chemistry, Corrosion Science, Coating Technology, Corrosion Resistant Metal Materials, Material Science Research Method, Professional Innovative Experiment, Engineering Ggraphics, Engineering Mechanics, Foundamentals of Mechanical Designing, Electrical and Electronic Technology, Computer Programming Language, Engineering ManagementHumanities and Art.